Do’s & Don’ts

Unmask is an easy way for you to conduct background checks for personal use. You must ensure you comply with all applicable laws, though, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which means there are very specific limitations to using this search. Beware that you can’t use Unmask to spy on anyone or for identity theft.

Check out our do’s and don’ts so you understand how you can use Unmask.

The Do’s

  • Do: Find Past Loves and Family Members

    Unmask is a great option to check up on your past loves and to find long-lost family members. You can even use it to try to find old friends.

  • Do: Look Yourself Up

    You can find out what information about you is on the Internet. This is a good way to locate inaccuracies in things like old addresses, phone numbers, and court records.

  • Do: Look Up Your Neighbors

    Look up your neighbors to find out if there’s anything you need to be concerned about. Just remember that you should only use the information for your personal use.

  • Do: Check on Potential Online Buyers and Sellers

    Use Unmask to check on people you’re doing business with online. This is especially important if you plan to meet them in person.

  • Do: Verify Possible Roommates

    Check out people who are applying to be your roommate or who live in a home where you’re applying to be a roommate. Limit this to finding out if the information they gave you is accurate.

  • Do: Search Phone Numbers Calling You

    Use Unmask to find out information about numbers calling your phone. Remember, some people change numbers often, so what you see could be older information.

  • Do: Look Up an Online Date

    Search for information about an online date. This may help you find out whether they’re being honest, and it could improve your safety if you decide to meet them.

  • Do: Search for Public Records

    Find out what public records say about a person. You may be able to learn more about specific aspects of their life.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t: Screen Domestic Help

    Domestic helpers are covered under the FCRA. You can’t use Unmask as a screening tool for anyone seeking to work for you in any capacity.

  • Don’t: Look Up Information for Identity Theft

    Identity theft is a serious criminal act. Never use the information you find on Unmask to take or use someone else’s identity.

  • Don’t: Check Out Job Applicants

    Unmask isn’t a tool you can use to screen job applicants of any sort. All job applicants are protected by the FCRA.

  • Don’t: Attempt to Verify Education

    Never use the information on Unmask to determine if a person has met specific educational milestones. This includes trying to verify information for scholarships, grants, and other programs.

  • Don’t: Try to Determine Creditworthiness

    The FCRA specifically forbids using services like Unmask to make decisions regarding creditworthiness. This includes everything from mortgages to business deals.

  • Don’t: Stalk or Spy on Anyone

    Never use Unmask to stalk or spy on someone. Don’t use any contact information to get in touch with them if they’ve asked you not to contact them.

  • Don’t: Try to Verify Insurance Eligibility

    Unmask can’t be used to check on a person’s eligibility for any insurance programs. This includes health, life, vehicle, homeowners, renters, and every other type of insurance.

  • Don’t: Look Up Housing Applicants

    The information on Unmask can’t be used to screen potential tenants. This includes those applying for a commercial lease.